About me and the great turd incident

Hi all. 

Welcome to my blog. 

This blog is about a day in the life of a busy mum of 2, student, full time worker, wife, homemaker and general dogsbody with all the trials and tribulations that come with it. 

The blog will be full of ups and downs and will hopefully make you laugh along the way. 

A quick introduction in to my life. I’m a 30 something full time student, studying along side working full time. I have 2 children, a hubby and a cat. My children are aged 14 and 5 and both complete opposites to each other. 

The eldest which we will call Kevin from here on in is your typical teenager, full of hormones and grunts most of the time, if we’re lucky her parting words are always either “its not fair” or “ I hate you”. I did subject her to watching Kevin and Perry go large once but will regale that tale to you at a later date. 

The youngest is 5. I shall call her the feral one. She has no filter and is the tornado of the family. She leaves a trail of destruction behind her wherever she goes. 

Now your aquatinted with us I will begin.  

Today seemed like a nice normal Sunday. I did the ironing while the hubby cleaned the cars. Kevin spent the morning in what we call the cell (her bedroom) whilst the feral one was creating havoc downstairs. I in my wisdom had given the feral one my old phone as she likes to watch them strange videos of kids unwrapping kinder eggs on you tube. Well as my phone is still linked to hers all her photos come through to me. I have had too many selfies to count come though from her. 

In the midst of the destruction she was causing she asked me if she could have her phone. I, absentmindedly said yes, well off she disappeared up to her room to watch them damn videos of kids opening kinder eggs, and baby shark videos ( I hate that song with a passion). About 10 minutes later she shouted me. Mum she said I’ve sent you a picture. Me thinking it was the usual selfie opened up my phone. I looked at the picture open mouthed whilst my brain tried to take in the scene before me. There on my screen was my toilet, all well and good but upon closer inspection I noticed a large brown blob in the bowl. I immediately called the feral one downstairs. She sloped down with enough attitude to put Kevin to shame. I asked her what that was in the picture. She said oh it’s my poo!!!!  Well what do you say to that. I asked her why she took a picture of it (at this point Kevin had slunk downstairs and was currently cackling to herself about the damn photo). The feral ones response was well I though you would like to see it. I was speechless, what on earth can I say to that. Have now made a note to myself do not ever let the feral one disappear with the phone.  😬😬

Until next time 😘

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