The debate

We always make sure that we eat as a family when we can it’s something myself and my husband have brought from our childhood. Eating as a family is supposed to bring family’s closer together and encourage conversation. 

Well in my family it tends to descend in to utter chaos. 

One such chaotic family dinner occured this week. I had made lasagne and garlic bread a firm family favourite, we always make sure that each night we go round the table and find out what everyone has been doing, we heard all about the feral ones school day and the games she had played with her friends, then it was Kevin’s turn to regale us with the tails of her day, she reluctantly told us what she had done at school ( in the way that only Kevin can do with grunts and groans included). We got on to the subject of homework, one piece she had to do was write about who’s fault it was the titanic sank, I asked for her opinion, well I wish I had never asked. She stated that it was everyone’s fault at this point hubby piped up (inbetween shoving mouthfuls of lasagna in to his gob) that he thought it was the captains fault, this sparked a reaction in Kevin, hubby asked her to explain her reason why she thought that it was everyone’s fault and to give her credit she came up with a fab argument all about the way the boat was built, the need for more flood doors to be installed, more life boats etc (let me just tell you that Kevin is a titanic expert, it’s her favourite film and she has researched the full history of it), well hubby disagreed, much to Kevin’s annoyance, his argument was that the ship was built with the fact it wouldn’t hit an iceberg in mind. Well chaos ensued this comment, even I got involved stating my argument in favour of Kevin’s proposal, I stated that the ship was called the unsinkable ship, hubby disagreed as he was a firm believer of the fact that if it had not hit an ice burg it would not have sunk, well no shit Sherlock 🕵️‍♀️ of course it wouldn’t have sank,  but why was it called the unsinkable ship was my contribution, again he stated that if it hadn’t hit an ice burg blah blah blah, I disagreed with him, Kevin disagreed with everything, the feral one used this as an excuse to put her two peneth in too which consisted of daddy stop arguing, it’s was like a scene from Friday night dinner without jim and Wilson ( if you haven’t watched it I strongly recommend you do). My lovely relaxing family meal had turned in to a free for all, which continued well in to clearing up the plates. I wouldn’t back down, hubby wouldn’t back down and Kevin was damn well not backing down. 

Eventually we finally agreed to disagree (although I do agree with Kevin on this one and plus I was knackered) Have now made a mental note to myself not to try and have a civilised family discussion in the future 😬

The tail of unrequited love

It happens to us all at some point in life doesn’t it. We like someone and they don’t like us back, it’s heartbreaking but it’s even worse when your a parent. It breaks your heart when you child comes home in tears because her ‘bae’ doesn’t want to go out with her. 

This happened to me today. Kevin came back from school moody as usual (good old teenage hormones). I asked her what was wrong and she burst in to tears, proper tears not the pretend ones that children can do. 

I comforted her thinking that something serious had happened and again asked what was wrong. By this point I was getting very concerned as it’s not like Kevin to show emotion at all. 

In between sobs she said the words most people have said in their life’s ‘he doesn’t like me’. In that second I knew what was wrong. 

Let me fill you in. Kevin has had her eye on a boy for a while. But she is very shy and reserved (except when she’s at home). She had plucked up the courage to talk to him only to find out that he was going to ask another girl out.

My heart broke for her, I, as I’m sure many of you have, have experienced that situation before. What could I say to make it all better I felt well out of my depth. This was my little girl, my baby, I wanted to go give him a piece of my mind my daughter is beautiful she is vibrant, caring, intelligent and damn well amazing why would he ‘fancy’ someone else. I could see her whole world crumbling even at such a young age. I pulled myself together and got rid of all thought to shake sense in to him and comforted my girl. 

We had hot Chocolate, sweets and a whole lot of cuddles whilst listing reasons why he wasn’t good enough for her ( well I listed reasons she just resorted back to the usual grunting) we had a ru Paul’s drag race marathon and plenty of cuddles. 

I hoped this day would never come she is my baby girl and I know that boys will come and go but I had hoped to hold that time off for as long as I could. 

Our kids aren’t kids for long the grow up so quickly, blink and it’s missed I’m glad in a way that there was unrequited love. It’s means to me that I get my baby all to myself for a while longer. 

My advice to her was there are plenty more fish in the sea, and the only man a girl ever needs is her pops/ dad (thank you grease I couldn’t wait to use that quote on my girls). 

So to my beautiful girl. Forget them, there not worth it. You will find the right boyfriend when the time is right and he will love you for who and what you are ( or he has mummy to answer to). Concentrate on your studies and be the best you can be. Mummy will always be here for you even if you can be a stroppy Kevin at times 😘 love you to the moon and back my big girl

The cat !!

B39BEAD2-9CD5-4A3B-8C60-BF57A4A95A3D.jpegThe cat in our family rules the roost, she has so much sass it’s unbelievable but she is so loving a caring.

Looking at her snuggled up to the feral one (complete with baby shark nightdress, damn you baby shark) it’s hard to believe they didn’t get off to the best of starts. Let me fill you in.

Our cat is called Susan (my husbands choice not mine 😂). Susan (or sue/Boyle for short) was the product of an unforeseen pregnancy from my old cat Peppa (again not my name choice). Peppa has a beautiful litter of 3 kittens which I helped to deliver (super mum to the rescue) she had 2 girls and one boy, one of the girls was sue. The feral one and sue didn’t have the best start to getting to know one and other. One such episode occured one weekend morning.

I was enjoying my morning cuppa in bed and the feral one had disappeared in to her bedroom to play with her toys, the kittens were walking about and had learnt to climb up the stairs (they were around 5 weeks old) all of a sudden I heard a splash and lots of giggling. I jumped out of bed to investigate, the scene before me was one of utter chaos, there was the feral one with 2 kittens around her feet stood in the bathroom like some sort of queen of the kittens (she had her toy crown on and a wand in her hand), there was one kitten missing the said kitten was sue. I entered the bathroom where the feral one and her entourage of kittens were and I spotted poor sue in the toilet trying her hardest to get out, (apparently the feral one was trying to bath her 😬) I picked her up and wrapped her in a towel and put her inside my onesie to get warm and dry.

The next story in the saga happened on a school morning, I was getting dressed and had left the feral one at the table eating a yougart I came downstairs to find a scene of utter chaos, there was yougart everywhere on the chairs, the table, the floor and all over the poor cat she was covered in the stuff.

The last story of the feral one and the cat saga happened on a Sunday afternoon I was lovingly preparing a roast to feed the family when I went to the garden to pick some fresh rosemary. I came back in and caught the feral one trying to shut poor sue in the fridge 😬 the poor cat was not happy in the slightest.

Its a wonder that they are the best of friends now

The bed time

Hi all. Welcome back. Last night I got the scare of my life thanks to the feral one. I will set the scene,

it was 8.30 pm and I was attempting to do the whole bedtime routine thing, she isn’t great at the bed thing (what I would give for someone to put me to bed at 8.30 let me tell you). Well eventually she settled after a story, singing to her self, asking for several drinks, complaining she was hungry etc etc. I followed to bed shortly after having started with a cold and feeling generally rubbish. I settled down to a blissful sleep.

During the night I woke up to a shuffling noise, I put it down to the cat prowling about as she normally does and settled back down, I turned around in attempt to get comfy when I came face to face in the pitch black with what I can only describe as a wide eyed, bald thing !!!!!!  I jumped up in startlement flicked the light on and there stood before me was the feral one complete with baby shark night dress and her bloody talking doll all wide eyed and innocent 😇 . When I asked her what she was doing her reply (full of sweetness) was “mummy, I thought you would like my doll to cuddle”.

Well what could I say to that except a very shakey thank you ( I need to stop watching horror films, Chucky has a lot to answer for).

I rose from my bed and gently took the feral one back to her room and settled her back to bed, she gave me a huge kiss and a hug and said I love you mummy and all was forgiven. I did however make sure that damn doll was on top of the wardrobe with its eyes shut !!!!!, I didn’t feel like grappling with a possessed doll that night 😬

The Kevin and Perry incident

As mentioned in my previous post I tried to show my teenager (Kevin) the delights of Kevin and Perry go large. Well it is her namesake after all.

Well to say she wasn’t impressed is an understatement, first we had ‘I ent watching this’, then ‘mum this is rubbish’, and finally ‘mum your not funny that isn’t me’ before finishing off with ‘I hate you, it’s so unfair’. I rest my case I have a little Kevin. (Can’t beat the soundtrack took me right back to my youth)

About me and the great turd incident

Hi all. 

Welcome to my blog. 

This blog is about a day in the life of a busy mum of 2, student, full time worker, wife, homemaker and general dogsbody with all the trials and tribulations that come with it. 

The blog will be full of ups and downs and will hopefully make you laugh along the way. 

A quick introduction in to my life. I’m a 30 something full time student, studying along side working full time. I have 2 children, a hubby and a cat. My children are aged 14 and 5 and both complete opposites to each other. 

The eldest which we will call Kevin from here on in is your typical teenager, full of hormones and grunts most of the time, if we’re lucky her parting words are always either “its not fair” or “ I hate you”. I did subject her to watching Kevin and Perry go large once but will regale that tale to you at a later date. 

The youngest is 5. I shall call her the feral one. She has no filter and is the tornado of the family. She leaves a trail of destruction behind her wherever she goes. 

Now your aquatinted with us I will begin.  

Today seemed like a nice normal Sunday. I did the ironing while the hubby cleaned the cars. Kevin spent the morning in what we call the cell (her bedroom) whilst the feral one was creating havoc downstairs. I in my wisdom had given the feral one my old phone as she likes to watch them strange videos of kids unwrapping kinder eggs on you tube. Well as my phone is still linked to hers all her photos come through to me. I have had too many selfies to count come though from her. 

In the midst of the destruction she was causing she asked me if she could have her phone. I, absentmindedly said yes, well off she disappeared up to her room to watch them damn videos of kids opening kinder eggs, and baby shark videos ( I hate that song with a passion). About 10 minutes later she shouted me. Mum she said I’ve sent you a picture. Me thinking it was the usual selfie opened up my phone. I looked at the picture open mouthed whilst my brain tried to take in the scene before me. There on my screen was my toilet, all well and good but upon closer inspection I noticed a large brown blob in the bowl. I immediately called the feral one downstairs. She sloped down with enough attitude to put Kevin to shame. I asked her what that was in the picture. She said oh it’s my poo!!!!  Well what do you say to that. I asked her why she took a picture of it (at this point Kevin had slunk downstairs and was currently cackling to herself about the damn photo). The feral ones response was well I though you would like to see it. I was speechless, what on earth can I say to that. Have now made a note to myself do not ever let the feral one disappear with the phone.  😬😬

Until next time 😘