The bed time

Hi all. Welcome back. Last night I got the scare of my life thanks to the feral one. I will set the scene,

it was 8.30 pm and I was attempting to do the whole bedtime routine thing, she isn’t great at the bed thing (what I would give for someone to put me to bed at 8.30 let me tell you). Well eventually she settled after a story, singing to her self, asking for several drinks, complaining she was hungry etc etc. I followed to bed shortly after having started with a cold and feeling generally rubbish. I settled down to a blissful sleep.

During the night I woke up to a shuffling noise, I put it down to the cat prowling about as she normally does and settled back down, I turned around in attempt to get comfy when I came face to face in the pitch black with what I can only describe as a wide eyed, bald thing !!!!!!  I jumped up in startlement flicked the light on and there stood before me was the feral one complete with baby shark night dress and her bloody talking doll all wide eyed and innocent 😇 . When I asked her what she was doing her reply (full of sweetness) was “mummy, I thought you would like my doll to cuddle”.

Well what could I say to that except a very shakey thank you ( I need to stop watching horror films, Chucky has a lot to answer for).

I rose from my bed and gently took the feral one back to her room and settled her back to bed, she gave me a huge kiss and a hug and said I love you mummy and all was forgiven. I did however make sure that damn doll was on top of the wardrobe with its eyes shut !!!!!, I didn’t feel like grappling with a possessed doll that night 😬

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