The cat !!

B39BEAD2-9CD5-4A3B-8C60-BF57A4A95A3D.jpegThe cat in our family rules the roost, she has so much sass it’s unbelievable but she is so loving a caring.

Looking at her snuggled up to the feral one (complete with baby shark nightdress, damn you baby shark) it’s hard to believe they didn’t get off to the best of starts. Let me fill you in.

Our cat is called Susan (my husbands choice not mine 😂). Susan (or sue/Boyle for short) was the product of an unforeseen pregnancy from my old cat Peppa (again not my name choice). Peppa has a beautiful litter of 3 kittens which I helped to deliver (super mum to the rescue) she had 2 girls and one boy, one of the girls was sue. The feral one and sue didn’t have the best start to getting to know one and other. One such episode occured one weekend morning.

I was enjoying my morning cuppa in bed and the feral one had disappeared in to her bedroom to play with her toys, the kittens were walking about and had learnt to climb up the stairs (they were around 5 weeks old) all of a sudden I heard a splash and lots of giggling. I jumped out of bed to investigate, the scene before me was one of utter chaos, there was the feral one with 2 kittens around her feet stood in the bathroom like some sort of queen of the kittens (she had her toy crown on and a wand in her hand), there was one kitten missing the said kitten was sue. I entered the bathroom where the feral one and her entourage of kittens were and I spotted poor sue in the toilet trying her hardest to get out, (apparently the feral one was trying to bath her 😬) I picked her up and wrapped her in a towel and put her inside my onesie to get warm and dry.

The next story in the saga happened on a school morning, I was getting dressed and had left the feral one at the table eating a yougart I came downstairs to find a scene of utter chaos, there was yougart everywhere on the chairs, the table, the floor and all over the poor cat she was covered in the stuff.

The last story of the feral one and the cat saga happened on a Sunday afternoon I was lovingly preparing a roast to feed the family when I went to the garden to pick some fresh rosemary. I came back in and caught the feral one trying to shut poor sue in the fridge 😬 the poor cat was not happy in the slightest.

Its a wonder that they are the best of friends now

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