The debate

We always make sure that we eat as a family when we can it’s something myself and my husband have brought from our childhood. Eating as a family is supposed to bring family’s closer together and encourage conversation. 

Well in my family it tends to descend in to utter chaos. 

One such chaotic family dinner occured this week. I had made lasagne and garlic bread a firm family favourite, we always make sure that each night we go round the table and find out what everyone has been doing, we heard all about the feral ones school day and the games she had played with her friends, then it was Kevin’s turn to regale us with the tails of her day, she reluctantly told us what she had done at school ( in the way that only Kevin can do with grunts and groans included). We got on to the subject of homework, one piece she had to do was write about who’s fault it was the titanic sank, I asked for her opinion, well I wish I had never asked. She stated that it was everyone’s fault at this point hubby piped up (inbetween shoving mouthfuls of lasagna in to his gob) that he thought it was the captains fault, this sparked a reaction in Kevin, hubby asked her to explain her reason why she thought that it was everyone’s fault and to give her credit she came up with a fab argument all about the way the boat was built, the need for more flood doors to be installed, more life boats etc (let me just tell you that Kevin is a titanic expert, it’s her favourite film and she has researched the full history of it), well hubby disagreed, much to Kevin’s annoyance, his argument was that the ship was built with the fact it wouldn’t hit an iceberg in mind. Well chaos ensued this comment, even I got involved stating my argument in favour of Kevin’s proposal, I stated that the ship was called the unsinkable ship, hubby disagreed as he was a firm believer of the fact that if it had not hit an ice burg it would not have sunk, well no shit Sherlock 🕵️‍♀️ of course it wouldn’t have sank,  but why was it called the unsinkable ship was my contribution, again he stated that if it hadn’t hit an ice burg blah blah blah, I disagreed with him, Kevin disagreed with everything, the feral one used this as an excuse to put her two peneth in too which consisted of daddy stop arguing, it’s was like a scene from Friday night dinner without jim and Wilson ( if you haven’t watched it I strongly recommend you do). My lovely relaxing family meal had turned in to a free for all, which continued well in to clearing up the plates. I wouldn’t back down, hubby wouldn’t back down and Kevin was damn well not backing down. 

Eventually we finally agreed to disagree (although I do agree with Kevin on this one and plus I was knackered) Have now made a mental note to myself not to try and have a civilised family discussion in the future 😬

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