The tail of unrequited love

It happens to us all at some point in life doesn’t it. We like someone and they don’t like us back, it’s heartbreaking but it’s even worse when your a parent. It breaks your heart when you child comes home in tears because her ‘bae’ doesn’t want to go out with her. 

This happened to me today. Kevin came back from school moody as usual (good old teenage hormones). I asked her what was wrong and she burst in to tears, proper tears not the pretend ones that children can do. 

I comforted her thinking that something serious had happened and again asked what was wrong. By this point I was getting very concerned as it’s not like Kevin to show emotion at all. 

In between sobs she said the words most people have said in their life’s ‘he doesn’t like me’. In that second I knew what was wrong. 

Let me fill you in. Kevin has had her eye on a boy for a while. But she is very shy and reserved (except when she’s at home). She had plucked up the courage to talk to him only to find out that he was going to ask another girl out.

My heart broke for her, I, as I’m sure many of you have, have experienced that situation before. What could I say to make it all better I felt well out of my depth. This was my little girl, my baby, I wanted to go give him a piece of my mind my daughter is beautiful she is vibrant, caring, intelligent and damn well amazing why would he ‘fancy’ someone else. I could see her whole world crumbling even at such a young age. I pulled myself together and got rid of all thought to shake sense in to him and comforted my girl. 

We had hot Chocolate, sweets and a whole lot of cuddles whilst listing reasons why he wasn’t good enough for her ( well I listed reasons she just resorted back to the usual grunting) we had a ru Paul’s drag race marathon and plenty of cuddles. 

I hoped this day would never come she is my baby girl and I know that boys will come and go but I had hoped to hold that time off for as long as I could. 

Our kids aren’t kids for long the grow up so quickly, blink and it’s missed I’m glad in a way that there was unrequited love. It’s means to me that I get my baby all to myself for a while longer. 

My advice to her was there are plenty more fish in the sea, and the only man a girl ever needs is her pops/ dad (thank you grease I couldn’t wait to use that quote on my girls). 

So to my beautiful girl. Forget them, there not worth it. You will find the right boyfriend when the time is right and he will love you for who and what you are ( or he has mummy to answer to). Concentrate on your studies and be the best you can be. Mummy will always be here for you even if you can be a stroppy Kevin at times 😘 love you to the moon and back my big girl

One thought on “The tail of unrequited love

  1. Young love. It’s happened to us all. the worse thing is when you pluck up the courage to say hi and the object of your desire laughs at you. Never mind Sweetheart. There’s someone really special for you and he’ll find you.


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